About WicommFi

WicommFi has a range of products that make your life easier. WicommFi delivers products for home, business and service providers. The products are easy to use and install.

For Home

Our products make your home devices stay connected. You can enjoy buffer free HD video streaming, enjoy surfing from your mobile devices or tablets. The products are built with latest technology and have all the features that you need in a connected home. You will get the desired range, speed and performance with our range of products.

For business

Today, we need internet access in every business. A network helps a business to grow, to share ideas and needed by the office people also. It does not matter if you have a small business or mid size business, you always need network in every corner to stay connected. Our products are easy to install and reliable for your business needs. We deliver you products so you can have uninterrupted and fast internet access that can help your business in growing.

For Service Providers

Connect with us for home solutions and make your home and business customers connected and satisfied. You can provide affordable networking services to your customers with our range of products and make your client happy.