Frequently Asked Questions

You can leave the WicommFi extender on all the time. There is no need to turn the extender off.

Any number of devices can be connected wirelessly to the WicommFi Extender. However, performance might noticeably decrease with each additional device. 10-20 devices should be able to use the same wireless connection without a noticeable decrease in network responsiveness.

A reset/WPS button is available on the bottom of your extender. Press it for 15 seconds and release it while the extender is powered on.

Keep the wicommfi extender away from any metal objects or electronic devices.

Login into your wicommfi extender and click on System Tab then click on Password and Update the settings you need to. You can update both user name and password.


There are a number of reasons that WPS could fail.  These include:

  • Your router and range extender are too far apart.
  • The two-minute connection window expired.
  • The WPS button on either range extender or router did not depress all the way.
  • WPS is disabled on the router.
  • MAC Filtering is enabled on the router.

It comes with one extender, an Ethernet cable, detachable socket plug and user manual.

On the home page “” hit my account and select create an account. Type in your details and hit create account.

We accept major credit cards Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Simply plug it in your computer and It will install its drivers on its own.