Frequently Asked Questions

If admin is not working simply reset the extender by holding the reset button for 10 seconds and release it.

Open web management page and choose AP mode.Make sure extender is plugged and connected to existing router wia Ethernet cable from router LAN port to Wicommfiethernet port.

A reset/WPS button is available on the bottom of your repeater. Press it for 20 seconds and release it while the extender is power on.Plug your Wicommfi and press WPS on it for 5 seconds and then on your Router for 5 seconds and wait for 3 minutes .Now just scan the QR code and direct yourself to management page.

You can check for firmware update if available or change the wireless channel to 1/6/11 for 2.4 GHz and 153 for 5.8 GHz .You can use online Wireless analyser to check the best available channel for your device. Change the channel width to maximum value.

Position your wireless device in central location. Avoid placing it near metal, walls, and floors will interfere with the wireless signals. Higher is better like shelf, upstairs. Placing its antennas at recommended angle of 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

If any firmware is availableyou will be notify first.You need to simply download the file through given link in your Email.Login to web management page and choose system tab and select firmware update.Browse the download file and select it and hit update.

You need to connect repeater with Ethernet cable coming from the modem to Wicommfi Ethernet port. Open web management page and choose Router mode and select your connection type.You can ask your internet provider for helping you selecting the right type.

To resolve weak signals issues at your place or to extend the network to another story of the house the Wicommfi Range extender does a great job!